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Puerto Rico: Reality On The Ground

VERV News takes you with us to explore the Latin American issues, topics, people, and culture that affect everyone living in the United States, and beyond. We show you reality, on the ground, to create clarity and evoke dialogue on what matters to us as a people, as a generation, and as a planet.

Meet Cimafunk: Afro-Cuban Funk.

Cimafunk's afro-cuban funk music will make you dance while building bridges between our two countries; Cuba & the United States.

What it means to be from Hialeah.

"You say Hialeah, you automatically know." Join us for a fun day with Hialeah's funniest people, the gang behind Hialeah, A Comedy Series; David Vargas, Melissa Carcache and Javier Mayol. First up, breakfast on 49th street followed by the Hialeah Park Raceway and Casino.

Made In The USA... By Cafecito.

"One-hundred percent of our team are immigrants." Andrea Cid is the Managing Director of Concept II Cosmetics located in Doral, Florida just outside of Miami. All of the company’s products are proudly Made in the USA by her team of Latin American immigrants from Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and Cuba.

Tom Steyer, Need To Impeach

We had a chance to chat with billionaire activist Tom Steyer to learn about his efforts to impeach President Donald Trump, Puerto Rico and the division in America. His television commercials have built Need To Impeach, his grassroots organization, into a powerful base of voters, millions strong.

Greg Kahn, Author, Havana Youth

Pulitzer Prize nominated photographer and author of the book, Havana Youth, sits down with VERV News & Startup Cuba to talk about Cuban Millennials and how style not only defines them but also gives them a platform to be individuals in a society known for collectivism.

Collin Laverty Talks Travel To Cuba

Collin Laverty, Founder/CEO of Cuba Educational Travel addresses some common questions are about safety, differences in the country today from years past and the Cuban people’s openness to American tourists. He's been engaged with Cuba for over 15 years and is noted as one of the top experts on Cuba/US relations.

San Juan Mayor Yulín Cruz Visits Holyoke

VERV.tv is back in Holyoke, Massachusetts. This city, with the largest Puerto Rican population, per capita, in the continental United States hosted San Juan, Puerto Rico Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz. We got a chance to speak with Holyoke Mayor, Alex Morse to talk about what Yulín’s visit means to this city.

Election Day In Havana, Cuba

On Thursday, Nov. 19th, 2018, Cuba selected its first new president without the last name Castro, in six-decades. As Raul Castro handed over power to Cuba’s new president, Miguel Diaz-Canel we wanted to share what we saw on the ground in Havana.

Zuzy Martin Lynch-Cafe Con Leche Challenge

Startup Cuba’s Ken Deckinger challenged Craving Cuba’s producer, Zuzy Martin Lynch to a competition to see who makes the best Cafe Con Leche. Join us to talk with Zuzy about her film and her Cuban American identity as a first-time visitor to Cuba.

Which City Has Most Puerto Rican’s in the USA?

Almost 1,700 miles away, Holyoke, Massachusetts has a larger Puerto Rican population, per capita, than any other city in the United States. After Hurricane Maria, that population swelled.

Are Entrepreneurs The Key To PR’s Recovery?

After Hurricane Maria, life as they knew it on the island changed for just about everyone. Now entrepreneurs are using their creativity and grit to keep their businesses alive and to move the island forward after the storm.

A Community Survives Together

Christine Nieves’ Proyecto de Apoyo Mutuo Mariana seemed impossible without electricity or water. Yet, she’s managed to pull a community together to feed a many as 300 people a day in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. We found a little bit sunshine in an otherwise tough situation as people are fed and rebuilding their spirits together.

Mi Dinero. Mi Futuro. Ramona Ortega’s 2018 Tips

Taking charge of your money in 2018, comes down to three core principles; Knowing how much and where to spend, knowing how much to borrow and knowing where, and how long to invest. Ramona Ortega, CEO/Founder of Mi Dinero Mi Futuro shares her tips to help you crush $$$$$ this year.

San Juan, PR Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Soto

Known to everyone in Puerto Rico on a first name basis, VERV News had the opportunity to spend some time with “Yulín,” San Juan’s Mayor. We talked about where her city and the island are today, her frustration with the recovery process, and who has been the most helpful (hint, it’s not Donald Trump). If you’d like to help the Puerto Rico recovery, click here.

Tesla Saves Hospital del Niño

After Hurricane Maria, it took Elon Musk’s Tesla just eight days to set San Juan’s Hospital del Niño up with a solar panel array. Months after the storm, most of Puerto Rico still doesn’t have power but this off the grid solution kept the hospital open and ensured that it’s kids had a place to live.

Puerto Rico: Reality On The Ground

Infrastructure damage is just one part of the story. Economic tragedy and a looming mental health crisis paint the picture of the reality on the island of Puerto Rico. An island that is fighting to get its footing, despite what our country’s leader wants you to believe.

My Brazilian Butt Lift: Don't Judge

As plastic surgery becomes commonplace, thought of in the same context as a manicure or hair appointment, the Brazilian Butt Lift’s popularity continues to grow. Also known as a Fat Transfer or “BBL” for short, this procedure, which saw 30% growth in 2017, is not without risk. Yet, popularity continues to rise and everyone does it for their own reasons.