¿Que Qué?

A raw, unvarnished journey into the Latino stories that bridge gaps.

Episode 9: Rock Star Entrepreneurs

VERV.tv goes deep into the grittiest and most creative startup scene on the planet. This new generation of Cuban entrepreneurs have chosen to leave their Communist government-run jobs for a chance to change their life, and perhaps their country.

Meet Cimafunk

Cimafunk's afro-cuban funk music will make you dance while building bridges between our two countries; Cuba & the United States.

2018 Thank You! ❤️

Gracias por un año mágico! 2019? Bridges, inspiration and... BESOS! ❤️ 🇨🇺 🇺🇸 🇵🇷

Episode 9: Rock Star Entrepreneurs

Agencies & media like Vistar Magazine & Negolution are building the infrastructure for Cuba's new generation of rock star entrepreneurs.

Puerto Sagua Cuban Sandwiches

A big thanks to David, Danny and everyone at Puerto Sagua Restaurant in Miami Beach, for having us for a fun Cuban Sandwich competition.

Havana Youth: Millennial Style

Pulitzer Prize nominated photographer and author, Greg Kahn, talks about the role fashion plays with Cuban Millennials.

Episode 8: Outsider Artists

If you didn't go to a Cuba state art school, you're an outsider.

Collin Laverty: Cuban Travel

The Founder/CEO of Cuba Educational Travel answers common questions.

Episode 7: The Wifi Robinhood

Using the Internet in Cuba is unlike anywhere else on earth.

Episode 6: Clandestina

Meet Clandestina, Cuba’s first independent fashion brand.

La Gente Del Documental

These badass filmmakers from Havana are telling the story of Artes de Cuba.

Episode 5: Casas Particulares

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Cuba turned to tourism to prop up its economy.

PAUZA: Havana’s 1st Female DJ Duo

Paula Fernández y Zahira Sánchez are rewriting Havana’s electronic music scene.

Episode 4: El Paquete Semanal

AKA Cubans' weekly Hulu, Netflix & Game of Thrones fix.

Episode 3: Cuba’s New Food Scene

You don't go to Cuba for the food. Until now.

Episode 2: Doctors & Taxis

In Cuba engineers, doctors and economists are leaving their professions to become taxi drivers.

Episode 1: Introduction

Over five-hundred thousand Cuban citizens have left their guaranteed government jobs to become entrepreneurs, called cuentapropistas in Cuba.

Startup Cuba: Trailer

Startup Cuba is a nine series documentary that goes deep into the grittiest and most creative startup scene on the planet.