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We're building up our team of freelance writers and content creators.

We create content to bring Latin America and Latin American issues to the forefront with a tone that builds bridges. There's quite a bit of negative discourse floating around todays media and politicians. We don't like that - Our ethos is to tell stories that can show the other side. Our work is lightheard and authentic, yet often profound. We take our audience with us into a topic providing real-life examples, tips and information.

Our articles are short yet they're authentic. They're real. They're personable.

Topics and Locations

We're based in the U.S. But, we spend a lot of time thinking about Cuba since we started this journey with our project, Startup Cuba. We've also begun to do some stuff about, or in Puerto Rico, Mexico, Ecuador and Colombia as long as the topic fits into one of our four topic buckets:

  • Travel: Where to stay and what to do from an insider perspective. Off the beaten path information that tour books don't tell you.
  • Food and Culture: We believe that food and culture are what differentiate us, but also bring us together.
  • Startups and Entrepreneurs: Cuba's cuentapropistas and the value that startups bring to countries throughout the Americas.
  • Climate Change and Global Issues: As they relate to Latin America.
Our Audience Is Awesome

Our audience is primarily made of 24-40 year old 2nd generation English speaking Cuban-Americans and Latin-Americans. The majority of our viewers are based in the United States in top tier Latino markets; Miami, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston, etc. Our audience values authentic stories, travel tips, and insider perspectives that they can connect with.

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